PAINTINGS SALE and more acceptances

I have a group of paintings on sale at: dailyPaintworks store. Trying to clean my studio a bit and make room to store more! 

I am also thrilled to know that "Catching the last light" was accepted into the UART 2017 online show. This is their 10 year anniversary. More than 700 pieces were submitted and 100 get selected. 

Catching the last light. 12x16 pastel.

Catching the last light. 12x16 pastel.

You can checkout the entire show here: UART 2017

I also received my box back from IAPS since "Across the river" was sold during the exhibit. What an honor!

Across the river. 8x10 pastel. Sold

Across the river. 8x10 pastel. Sold

IAPS Convention June 2017

This year I got a painting juried into the IAPS show. IAPS stands for International Association of Pastel Societies.

This association has a convention every year in different places. This year is Albuquerque, New Mexico. The convention attracts many artists that take classes every day from master pastelists (you know those guys sometimes I go to workshops to learn from).

At the same they hold an exhibition. This all happens in June 3-6. Only one painting is accepted per artist. I had tried to enter this show twice already. This is the third time and I got in with "Across the river" 8x10 pastel done Plein Air in Duvall, WA.

Across the river. 8x10 soft pastel.



Solo show coming up!

It's time for another exhibition at Christopher Framing and Fine Art.

I am excited to participate and have the opportunity to show my latest work (all the hard work from summer) in the famous monthly Edmonds Art Walk this September.

Opening is September 15th from 5pm to 8pm. The paintings will be on display for a month.

Please come check them out, talk to Michael, the owner, and pet Jaxon, the golden retriever.

Northwest Pastel Society International Exhibit 2016

This year I got a painting juried in to the show by master pastelist Richard McKinley. What an honor to be included with this amazing group of artists and incredible pastel pieces.

Richard loves to talk about art a lot! he talked about almost every piece in the exhibit.

I am looking forward to taking a next level mentoring workshop with him in August at the Dakota Art Center.

Pastel Society of the West Coast Members Online Juried Show

I am very excited to have entered three paintings for the Pastel Society of the West Coast Online Juried Show. I recently joined the society and I cant wait to see if some of my work is accepted. The juror of the event is Barbara Jaenicke.

Deadline was January 20th. We will get notified on February 10th about acceptance/rejection. Wish me lack!

NorthWest Pastel Society Member's Show

I am very excited to have entered two paintings for the NorthWest Pastel Society Member's show this year. It's a big opportunity for artists that are new and trying to gain more exposure in the art field. The opening is November 6th at the Vashon Allied Arts Gallery and they will be on display until November 28th. All paintings will be for sale.

Click here for more information related to the event. 

Peninsula Art League - 13th Annual Open Juried Show

"Vigilant" was admitted to the Peninsula Art League 13th Annual Open Juried Show at the Harbor History Museum.

The show starts September 12th with a reception for just the artists and all paintings remain for display until October 18th.

This is the first exhibition I have the honored to be part of. I submitted three paintings and the blue heron made it thru! I am very excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Art work in the show will be 2D, 3D and photography. Dawn Emerson will be judging 2D and 3D while Larry Ikenberry will be the judge for photography.

For more information you can visit Peninsula Art League events list.


The famous Blue Heron that got so many compliments!

The famous Blue Heron that got so many compliments!

Edmonds Art Walk! June 2015

Again, thanks to Michael from Christopher Framing and Gallery my latest work with pastels are on display at his gallery. This time, you can find a series of new brilliant colors and contrast in local landscapes - Bothell area - and some wildlife as well. The work will be on display for a month until the next month's Art Walk (July 16th). Stop by and check it out!
The opening was June 18th and a lot of people showed up. I got a lot of compliments and also some of the landscapes representing familiar areas to the visitors were drawing a lot of attention. I actually had a couple people tell me they remember me from the last art walk when I had my first exhibit. How cool is that!

Another Daily Painting

well... I have done it twice in a week, which for me is fantastic!

Daily Painting?

I got literally possessed by the book Daily Painting by Carol Marine. I read a few pages and off I was preparing some surfaces with watercolor paper and ground for pastels. 

The idea is to have paper available quickly that can be cut in sizes 5x7 or 6x6 or any other small size and use them to make some sort of art every day.

Every day is a lot of commitment. But even twice a week will do. 

Lots of research and work to do. Finding subjects is a big one. If you don't have good subjects to paint from motivation goes away at the speed of light.

Fall is here

and so motivation to paint increases. The tones of yellow, red, brown and green are so inspiring. 
Going for walks with my dog and my camera is a must this time of the year, so I can capture potential subjects of interest. 

Trees terrify me. I am weak when it comes to paint them right so they actually look like well.... trees. So like with other things in life, instead of walking away from it, I decided to go for it. I don't know that practice makes perfect, but practice makes better.

Since it's thursday, a throwback picture of an old one. This one will likely be at my showing on November 20th in Edmonds.


Finding a theme

I finally have a dedicated space for an easel and pastels. I have always wanted to have a place where I could leave all my pastel painting materials there instead of having to put stuff away. I figured that was the best way to find time to paint.

I hit the fear to start problem again. First off, what to paint? that took me a while to overcome and a failure attempt at a landscape.

I love landscapes in pastel, but... I took a turn and realized that maybe it's not my thing. I must find something that I am good at in a natural way.

I decided to go back to the human figure - something other artists have told me I am pretty good at that is really hard for them. Back when I was in kindergarten Mom would draw ballerinas for me and I would color them. Later, I started drawing my own and apparently some teachers were impressed at how I could draw them giving a sense of movement.

Pastel is not the best medium for face and finger/hands details I found. You have to "suggest" a lot. Then again, it's not that what catches your eye in this painting, but the correct proportions and the three-dimensional effect.

I am always learning with every drawing. I am happy I found a subject that inspires me. More ballet figures coming up hopefully!

Loosening up


Just sharing my last piece. I started this with Janet and I went crazy with purple – my favorite color. The lightning is what makes it look so strong.


Wrapping it up

Most my friends and family know that when I start something - anything, it can be a class, a project, organizing around the house- or in this case a pastel painting, I have to finish it.
Otherwise, it will just sit there to remind me that there is stuff that needs to get done.

Well... I do this to myself. Pastel artists I know would put the painting aside. And I mean aside in a drawer, or stored in another room where they dont have to see it. I, however, put it on my painting table, right against the wall as a reminder: you need to finish this Ale! :)

I left this still life - my first attempt under the wonderful and excellent guidance of Janet Hamilton- undone. I left the grapes half way and I refused to get them done. For some reason, I didnt feel like filling up a bunch of grapes with color. It didnt seem fun.

But the rest of it, the apples, the bowl, had turned out pretty good and so thats what pushed me to start over. As always, once I reach the finish line - though, do you ever reach it in art?- the magic feeling of accomplishment comes once again to feel my soul with gratitude. I am grateful that I can work on something like this, put it together and make it look like four apples and a bunch of grapes in a copper bowl!

Painting with meaning

Last month or so, a friend of mine asked me to paint a picture he had taken here in Washington state. He was on fishing and on vacation. It's probably the best piece I have so far in my portfolio. Everyone who has complimented me for it is amazed by the colors. Purples - my favorites - right? :-).

My friend truly loves it. I heard him say he looked at the painting and it reminded him of being there... such a privilege to be able to make people feel this way. Thanks for the opportunity!

Sunrise in Methow River, WA.

And then there is another very special friend of mine. Someone who I have known for years now. He has been there for me when I needed him the most. He is born and raised in Seattle. He took this picture very early in the morning of our beautiful skyline. What a great shot! The reflections are so perfect that make it hard to accomplish. It was a fun work to do.

The sun comes out in Seattle

I am still here

I have not blogged in a while and a lot has happened since then.

Reality is that it´s hard to find spare time to paint when you are working full time. So it´s so true that you have to make the time to do it. Still, when I am home, I have a strong tendency to procrastinate.

I went down to Argentina for vacation and then I went back for a family emergency just 15 days after I was back in the states... grandpa passed away. It surely marks the end/beginning of an era in my family.

So this time, in seven days, I decided to stay home with Mom, and concentrate on one of the things I seem to love, painting. My Mom has a lot of art supplies - she is currently working with oils-. I decided to give acrylics a shot. It was my first time with brushes and on a canvas.

Then I ventured at something I had never done... painting buildings. Its crazy how detailed you can get with a tiny brush. I like acrylics because they allow me to do what I do with pastels: block a whole section with a base color, then let it dry - which does not take more than 5 minutes- and go back to add more colors on top of it without them getting all mixed and messy.

Now my Mom shows the two pieces when friends come to the house. -Look at this one, and then, look at that one! it took her one day to do it!-

"Nothing more rewarding for me that seeing my Mom in proud mode ha!"